Video Production- Shooting Locations

Whilst most corporate videos are shot at the company’s premises, there are occasions when external locations are a necessary part of a production. Let’s consider the four most common locations:

  1. Your own business premises is by far the most obvious choice of location. You have everything to hand – your offices, showrooms, or manufacturing facility are all accessible and usually provide the most ideal backdrop and environment in which to carry out most of the filming. You also have easy access to your products and your people – provided you can find some willing participants – but more about that later. Be sure to find a suitably quiet room for shooting interviews or presentations. There’s nothing more distracting than trying to film in the corner of a noisy office, or a room adjoining the factory! Also, do remember that your video producer may require access to nearby electrical sockets for powering cameras, lights and other equipment. A site survey may be required prior to filming.
  2. Your customers’ premises can often be the best choice for testimonials – especially if they have your products on display, or equipment supplied by your company in situ. Do discuss this with your clients well in advance, so that they are well prepared, know what they’re going to say and have appropriate facilities arranged.
  3. Public places often require permission from the Local Authority. Your video producer will know who to approach and should be able to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement with the Authority, without incurring special license fees. There can sometimes be exceptions to this rule, such as in some parts of central London, where tight control over filming is operated.
  4. A studio – fully equipped with lighting and sound recording, various backdrops, and a chroma key setup may be recommended by your producer. This is the perfect situation for shooting corporate pieces to camera, interviews and presentations. A presenter can be filmed in front of a green screen, allowing alternative background imagery to be added. Most video production companies either have their own studios, or have access to studio facilities when the need arises.
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